Fairchild Channel F
Fairchild f
Manufacturer Fairchild semiconductor
Type Video game console
Generation Second generation
Release date 1976
Retail availability November 1976
Introductory price $169.95
Units sold 250,000
Media ROM Cartridge
Controller input Joystick/Paddle, Keypad (Canceled)
Successor Channel F System II

The Fairchild Channel F is a second generation video game console made available in 1976 in North America.


Released by Fairchild Semiconductor in November 1976[2] at the retail price of $169.95 the Fairchild Channel F has the distinction of being the first programmable ROM cartridge–based video game console, and the first console to use a microprocessor. Originally launched as the Video Entertainment System, or VES, but when Atari released their VCS the next year, Fairchild renamed its machine to what it is now. By 1977, the Fairchild Channel F had sold 250,000 units.